wonderful wedding moment number three

The Fist Pump.

I've been thinking about writing this post all day.  Thinking about what I'm going to write about this moment; this brief second in our lives.  All the words that I try to string together just seem too inadequate.  Nothing I type seems to fully convey just what the memory of this one moment means to us, so I'll keep it short.  We both agree that it's one of our favourtie wedding pictures.  The joy on our faces, the fist pump of victory - pure perfection.

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PPS:  All images by Andrea Grendus @ fotografie



We've all no doubt heard the saying "patience is a virtue", however, I've never given any real thought to patience and what it means to really have patience.  Until recently, that is.

I've noticed with my generation, and most definitely with younger generations, that our virtue of patience seems to be fading a little.  We live in a world where most everything is accessible in an instant.  We don't write letters, we email.  We don't talk to fiends about what's new in their lives, we are updated instantly through their Facebook pages.  I'm tweeting right now about writing this blog post.  Everything is instant.


secret single behaviour

One of the small things in life that makes me really happy is being alone. Not that I'm not completely in love with Hubby, but if he's out of the house for the night or the weekend, there are certain things that I look forward to. You know what I'm talking about: Secret Single Behaviour.

What's Secret Single Behaviour, you ask? Well, clearly you haven't watched nearly enough Sex and the City. Secret Single Behaviour is the stuff that you only do while you're home by yourself.