It's official, we're going to Europe!  The flights have been booked (and, more importantly, paid for!).  Most of our accommodations have been reserved.  Now we're researching what we want to do and see in these amazing cities.

Only 28 more weeks to go, but who's counting anyway?

All in all we'll spend 22 days away from our home and our meows while we explore three fabulous countries.  We'll spend 7 days in France (including Paris, Juno Beach, and Versailles), 8 days in Germany (including time with family in the Black Forest and a visit to Munich), and 7 days in Italy (Venice and Rome).

We're still not 100% sure what to do and see while were visiting and any tips would be most welcome!


sunday evenings

The fireplace is on, warming our home, as we spend another cozy Sunday night at home.  These nights are my favourite; just us, with nothing to do but enjoy our home together.  It's quiet, it's cozy, it's a peaceful last night of the weekend to saviour before the hectic week ahead.  Not talking too much, and surrounded in dim, warm light we let the quiet peacefulness fill our home.  I take a second and look around the room and let the moment sink in.  I'm home.  We're home.

As much as friends and adventures are exciting and fun, nothing feels quite like a quiet Sunday evening at home, just us two.