wonderful wedding moment number six

The Family.

They're loud, and sometimes kinda crazy, but we love them.

Hubby wanted to make sure we were surrounded by lots of family on the big day.  He was right.  Isn't that a major part of weddings; being surrounded by the ones you love, and those that you more than anything?

I love that we were able to share such a wonderful day with all these awesome people.  I love our family.  I love that his family is now my family.  I love that, no matter what, we'll always have family.

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PPS:  All images by Andrea Grendus @ fotografie


ribs & warm potato salad

I love long weekends, don't you?  I love having that "extra" day to not set the alarm, hang out with family and friends, and make/eat delicious food.

This past long weekend, Hubby spent his time in the bush.  With the military.  And hundreds of children.  Not my idea of a good time, that's for sure, but he had a lot of fun, and if he's happy, I'm happy.

The only part he doesn't like?  Eating his meals out of a bag for five days.


granville island food

What's the best place to spend a rainy Sunday in Vancouver?  Granville Island.  Actually, it's a pretty great place to spend a sunny Sunday, or really any day for that matter.  So, that's exactly where Hubby and I spent part of our weekend.

To me, one of the best parts of Granville Island is the food.  Sure, Hubby and I, with our matching black umbrellas, explored the maze of little artisanal shops, but the best part was the alllll the food.


two nights

I wait for the clock to blink 4:00, much like I imagine a school kid waiting for the end of day bell.  3:58 ... 3:59 ... then, finally, 4 o'clock.  I turn off my computer, set my phone to call forward, and ride the elevator downstairs to meet my love.  The weekend is finally upon us.

I see him amongst the crowd, and greet him with a kiss.  Hands held we walk through the rainy streets of Vancouver in a comfortable silence, sometimes breaking our grasp to weave in and out of the street traffic.


a day for our moms

Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you for always being there for us.

When we're happy.  

When we're sad. 

At 3 am in the morning.

For Sunday night dinners.

For laughing with us.

For crying with us.

For sacrificing so much of your lives for us.

For teaching us and guiding us through life.

For constantly giving us your love.

We are the people that we are today, because of you.

Love you forever and always, T & A xoxo


i need a slide...

Okay, so I need to buy a slide.  Oh, and adopt another kitten.  Seriously.


a day in the life

The alarm goes off at 5:30 am and I slowly open my eyes and feel the weight of two cats (one big, one little) sleeping on me.  I roll over and hit the snooze button.  And again, and again, and again.  Finally, just before 6 am I roll myself out of bed and hop into the shower.  After I'm dried, call out to Hubby to let him know that he's got to get up.  I throw on my bathrobe and head to the kitchen to eat my breakfast (lately, a bowl of rice krispies and a cup of tea) and make our lunches for the day. Next, I make my self pretty.  Do my hair, put on some make up, and get dressed.  Then, Hubby and I are out the door.  He drops me off at the bus stop with a kiss.  I board the bus, listen to my iPod, and enjoy my stress-free commute to work.  I secretly love bus time.  20 uninterrupted minutes of me and my music, and the occasional crazy drunk person, but that's rare, at least in the mornings.


one year ago today

I'm starting blankly at the screen, trying to find the words to write.  Somehow, I can seem to string the right words together to fully convey the feeling in the air that I experienced one year ago today.  We were a mix of anxious and excited; full of love and bursting with happiness.  Why?  This day was the day that my Brother-In-Law was getting married to his love.