one year ago today

I'm starting blankly at the screen, trying to find the words to write.  Somehow, I can seem to string the right words together to fully convey the feeling in the air that I experienced one year ago today.  We were a mix of anxious and excited; full of love and bursting with happiness.  Why?  This day was the day that my Brother-In-Law was getting married to his love.

They picked one of the most beautiful spots in the entire world, seriously.  After days of rain (and lots of April showers the day before), the big day came with lots of splendid sunshine.  The air was so sweet and warm that the guests were able to shed their sweaters and feel the warmth on their bare arms.

We sat on the lawn and anxiously awaited the arrival of the bride.  What did her dress look like?  She starts walking down the steps, arm in arm with her dad.  They're far away, but as they walk closer you can see the joy in their faces; knowing they will be remembering this exact moment for the rest of their lives.  The dress was stunning, nothing like I'd never seen before; classy and elegant - just like the bride.  The vows were simple and beautiful; the kiss passionate.  The perfect ceremony.

The reception was cozy and warm.  Filled with loved ones, new friends, and new family.  The speeches and toasts were full of love and filled your eyes with tears.  Love was in the air, the entire room was filled with love for the bride and groom.

their wedding cake was a giant rice krispie square - awesome!

It was a day that I will never forget.  A day of love and happiness.  A day when I officially got a sister.

Happy Anniversary, J & J.  I love you guys!

PS:  Check out my Sister-In-Law's blog - she's a baker, you'll love it!


Jen said...

I'm crying.

Amanda said...

Well, I cried when I wrote it, so you're not alone :)