going for the goal

I'm going to be completely honest with you for a second.  Normally, I'm a completely goal-oriented, driven, and accomplished person.  Once I get something in my head, I cannot let go of it.  Except for one thing:  getting in shape.

I'm am utterly and completely embarrassed to be admitting this.  I'm so scared to share something that I feel so personally ashamed about; something that I have trouble thinking about; something that I can barley talk to Hubby about.

I don't know why I have trouble accomplishing this one thing.  I try, I really do.  I start out with the best intentions, but after a couple months I seem to lose my focus.  I let other things in my life get in the way; things that I perceive to be "more important".  Really though, there aren't many things in my life that are more important than being healthy.

The eating thing I'm alright with.  For the most part, I feel that I make healthy choices.  Sure, every now and then I'll indulge in some terrible-for-you foods, but I mostly fill my diet with fruits, veggies, and whole grains.

My whole reason for divulging my innermost secret with the world-wide web is simple:  accountability.  I feel like putting in out there that I'm starting something will make me be more accountable with my decision and force me to stick with it.

So, here's my plan:  exercise for at least an hour three times a week.  Ideally, I would like to exercise for an hour six times a week, however, I know my track record and I feel like I need to ease into this new plan.  I plan on re-visiting my goal in a little while to increase the amount of days, depending on how well I'm doing.

I'm terrified and excited about this new goal that I've set, so please, if you have any tips, suggestions, or even just a story about how you accomplish your goals, please feel free to share!


Jen said...

I just made it part of my routine to give myself no excuses. The husband knew I wasn't going to be home until after the gym, it was the time for me. It's my hour away from home to relax and de-stress. Of course, there will be days when you're unmotivated, but you can't give yourself any excuses.

It worked for me, now I miss exercising as much as I did before. I can't wait until your niece comes so I can do it again LOL

Amanda said...

Exercise is a big struggle for me too. I wish I had advice for you, but I've only had 2 consecutive weeks of exercising 3 times this year. I'd like to believe this time will be different though. I'm starting to enjoy it more than I ever have. Just don't give up if you miss a day, or week. Good luck!

Amanda said...

Jen - I love your exercise ritual, and I think the key is the "no excuses" part. Just do it! I can't wait for my niece to be born - manly so I can snuggle her while you're at the gym, lol.

Amanda - I enjoy working out too, when I acutally do it, lol. Good advice though about not giving up. If you miss a day just get back on it. Thanks!