best kept secret - coconut oil

Okay, remember a loooong time ago when I said that the best beauty tip I've ever received was to use baby oil as a moisturizer?  Well, after writing the post, a friend told me that I should stop using baby oil because it's a petroleum product.  Rubbing petroleum on my body?  Not cool.

What was I going to do though?  I didn't want to have dray, scaly skin, and I don't like lotions (I often buy them and then end up not using them).  Well, the same friend suggested that I try coconut oil instead.


I admit, it's taken me a really long time to take her up on her advice, but I finally did.  I'm totally kicking myself that I didn't check out this coconut oil stuff long ago.  This stuff is UH-MAZING.

In the jar it's hard, but the moment you put it on your skin it starts to melt.  As you start to rub it in, you start to breathe in the wonderful coconutty smell.  It's heaven.

There are also many, many more uses for coconut oil.  One of which is making your own crackle chocolate ice cream topping.  Wow.  This stuff is gold.

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