baby list

Here I am, again, talking about babies.  Seriously.  Don't leave though, it's different this time.  I promise.

In my crazy baby-filled head I decided that I need to stop living in the future.  I need to enjoy the life that Hubby and I have right now, just the two of us.  Yes, I can't wait until the day where our two becomes three, however, it will change our lives drastically.  So, why not enjoy NOW all the things that won't be so easy to do when we have kids?  Yes, why not!

Inspired by Newlywed Next Door and an article that I recently came across, I bring you my baby list - things I want to do before I have kids!

  • travel to Europe (bet you could've guessed that one!)
  • take a road trip to the Okanagan and "winery hop" for a weekend
  • teach Hubby how to make some of our favourite meals
  • dress up and go out to eat with Hubby at blue water cafe, le crocodile, and yew (dfferent nights, of course)
  • visit somewhere hot where all we do is lay on a beach and drink boozy drinks, possibly with friends or family
  • get rid of all our "bad debt" (almost there, just a few more years)
  • spend an ENTIRE day at Spa Utopia
  • buy a second car
  • buy a bike
  • dress up, eat a fancy dinner, drink too much, and dance until 2 am with my girlfriends
  • maintain my regular exercise plan
  • get a promotion to Paralegal
  • sell our condo and buy a bigger place
  • go on a road trip down the Oregon coast with Hubby
  • successfully make a full turkey dinner
  • spend an entire day in bed with Hubby watching movies and eating take out
  • host another wine tasting night (and possibly a beer tasting night?)

I know that some or most of my list may hot happen before babies, but it's a great feeling to look at all these wonderful things that I can't wait to do with Hubby before we settle down and have kids.


Jen said...

you definitely have a serious case of baby brain.
the list is great, I think everyone needs one. I feel the husband and I have crossed a few (not many) off our list.

Amanda said...

Baby brain is still here, but it's gotten a lot better. I'm not OBSESSED with it anymore, but it's always kind of in the back of my mind. I guess it's because I see other people around me having babies, and I get excited for them and then I think about that time in my own life. It seems like EVERYONE is having babies lately.

I can't wait to start crossing the items off :)

Lindsay said...

I've done the Spa Utopia day - I highly recommend it!! Great list - enjoy this time while you have it! :) :)

Taren said...

Great list Amanda! I love Newlywed Next Door. I have a must do list before I even think about having babies lol, I'm late on the baby cravings I don't have them yet :-P

Lesley said...

Love this list! So many of my friends are having babies or have baby fever as well, me not so much but I love playing along with theirs! :)