just a moment

The bell on the door jingles as we walk in; as soon as we cross over the threshold, the restaurant owner recognizes us and greets us with a welcome table.  Jackets off, we slip into our seats.  We sit across from one another, tearing bread and dipping into fresh hummus.  We talk of our days, our future, and sometimes we sit in a warm, comfortable silence.  We smile at each other, happy in the moment, just us two.

We're full of delicious food and love; now onward home to a quiet evening.  We sing along with the car radio, the volume turned up too loud so we can't hear our voices above the stereo.  Pulling into the parking garage when an even better song comes on.  We sit in the parked car singing, waiving our hands, and bobbing our heads to the music.  Not really knowing all the words to the music, we sing the loudest at the chorus - belting the words almost as good as Billy Joel himself.

little cat, wanting to get in on the snuggling action

Upstairs we're greeted by our furry friends.  We take off our shoes and coats and put on the fireplace to take the chill out of the air.  We cozy up on the couch, my head resting on his chest.  His arm around me, our legs intertwined.

Just a few brief moments in our lifetime together; small reminders of why I love him more than anything.

Moments like these are what happiness is made of.


Lindsay said...

like, like, like, like, like :)

Jen said...

love this.

kitten looks so big :(