afternoon tea

I take a sip of my sweet lemonade, close my eyes for a brief second and drink up the moment. Surrounded by admirable girlfriends, I think about how lucky I am. Blessed that I have such great friends; blessed that I can share this afternoon with each of them.

A special trip out to Fort Langley for Afternoon Tea at the Little White House Salon Cafe; enjoying finger sandwiches, petite sweets, and lavender lemonade. We all know the real treat is the time we spend together, planning trips and adventures. Excited to travel together and excited to soon start adventures that we have yet to discover. I savour this moment. This moment where we are all together.

I can't imagine a more perfect setting. A little white house, nestled amongst the trees and tucked away from the street. Decorated to feel like you're in a dream; a Parisian world of Alice in Wonderland. I could sit at that table for hours upon hours, talking and laughing with my girlfriends.

This afternoon we're in our own little world.  Nothing matters but right here, right now.  We explore the shop, filled with so many treasures we take our time and explore every little nook and cranny.  We take a walk to soak up the sun and fresh spring air.  A perfect afternoon.

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Lesley said...

I looooove The Little White House, seriously great for girls days! It makes me miss home!