baby list: update

After Hubby read my previous post on my baby list, he immediately emailed me and told me how much he loved it and how he was excited to start crossing items off the list.  In fact, he even suggested we print it out and hang it on our fridge to keep us motivated.  See why I love him, he's such a great husband!

I also suggested that he add some items to the list so that it was more of a reflection of the both of us, and not just me.  Here's our updated list, if you're interested:

  • travel to Europe (bet you could've guessed that one!)
  • take a road trip to the Okanagan and "winery hop" for a weekend
  • teach Hubby how to make some of our favourite meals (Amanda)
  • dress up and go out to eat at blue water cafe, le crocodile, and yew (different nights, of course)
  • visit somewhere hot where all we do is lay on a beach and drink boozy drinks, possibly with friends or family
  • get rid of all our "bad debt" (almost there, just a few more years)
  • spend an ENTIRE day at Spa Utopia (Amanda)
  • buy a second car
  • buy a bike (Amanda)
  • buy a motorcycle (Hubby)
  • dress up, eat a fancy dinner, drink too much, and dance until 2 am with my girlfriends (Amanda)
  • maintain my regular exercise plan (Amanda)
  • get a promotion to Paralegal (Amanda)
  • sell our condo and buy a bigger place
  • go on a road trip down the Oregon coast
  • successfully make a full turkey dinner
  • spend an entire day in bed watching movies and eating take out
  • host another wine tasting night (and possibly a beer tasting night?)
  • take a road trip across Canada
  • take a trip to Disneyland

I have to admit, my baby brain is not actually what I thought it was at first.  At least for now.  I thought that I WANTED a baby right now, but I actually just can't stop thinking about what living with a baby will be like.  Even though I'm still thinking about it, I'm also okay with our plan and the timeline Hubby and I have set for ourselves.  I'm excited for these next few years, just us two, and to cross off as many items of this list as we can.

PS:  Why is Disneyland on the list when this is something that is so easily done with kids?  Good question!  Hubby won't give that one up - never ever.  He's adamant that we're going to go again before we have kids.  I think not, but then again, never say never (ew, did I really just use a Bieber movie title in my blog?).

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