making the connection

If you haven't noticed, I've had two things on the brain lately: Germany and babies.  I feel like you're sick of reading about my excitement for my upcoming trip and my thoughts about my future children.  Sorry, but I can't stop - it's what's on my mind!

For our trip to Europe next year, I've been doing all sorts of research.  I've created itineraries, budgets, tables, and spreadsheets galore.  You name it, I've got it.  I've bought more travel books than I'll ever need, yet, I still go to Chapters on my lunch hour and search through all the ones I haven't bought yet.  I've got Europe fever, can you tell?

Is all of this planning and preparation over kill.  Maybe I'm doing too much planning and preparation?  I can't help it though, I'm just so very excited that I can't contain myself.  Then I got to thinking "what's really going on here?"  Yes, it's completely normal to be excited about such an amazing trip, but I have the feeling like I need to squeeze every single last drop of passion and excitement out of it.  Why?

Money?  Ya, it's a lot of money, but that's not the reason.

Because this will be the last big trip before we have kids?  Yes, but I don't think that's it either.

The real reason:  this trip will solidify my connection to Europe, to Germany, and to my family.

Growing up, I've always been proud of my German background.  I've embraced the fact that, yes, I'm Canadian (and proud to be) but I've also got a little bit of Germany in my blood.  I guess I'm scared that, one day, I'll lose my connection.  I'm trying hard to keep it, to hang on to it, to not let it slip away through the generations.  Lately, I've been writing two of my second cousins in Germany in the hopes of establishing and maintaining long-lasting and meaningful relationships.  I feel like it's important to do this so that my children will also feel a connection to their German heritage - see I told you everything is Germany and babies these days!

So, I'm making the connection, and trying to hold on tight and never let go.


Jen said...

great thoughts on the trip.

I feel like you can be prepared as you want, but you need to give yourself some time to get takes it as it comes.

I was the same about visiting Amsterdam, knowing that's where my grandparents came from and I'm glad I did, but know I just want to go back!

Amanda said...

You're right. We can plan as much as we want, but we won't stick to the plan 100%. We're okay with being flexible while were there, but I feel like if I don't plan that we'll be lost and not end up doing things that we wanted and regret it in the end.

I'm so glad that you were able to go to Amsterdam and see a part of your heritage - you'll go back - maybe even with your kids :)