cadillac problems

Do you ever feel like you just can't get anything right?  Like you're stuck in a rut that you just can't seem to climb out of?  That was me last week; I was in a serious funk. I'm talking MAJOR ebb.  Here's what I was dealing with:


baby list: update

After Hubby read my previous post on my baby list, he immediately emailed me and told me how much he loved it and how he was excited to start crossing items off the list.  In fact, he even suggested we print it out and hang it on our fridge to keep us motivated.  See why I love him, he's such a great husband!

I also suggested that he add some items to the list so that it was more of a reflection of the both of us, and not just me.  Here's our updated list, if you're interested:


afternoon tea

I take a sip of my sweet lemonade, close my eyes for a brief second and drink up the moment. Surrounded by admirable girlfriends, I think about how lucky I am. Blessed that I have such great friends; blessed that I can share this afternoon with each of them.

A special trip out to Fort Langley for Afternoon Tea at the Little White House Salon Cafe; enjoying finger sandwiches, petite sweets, and lavender lemonade. We all know the real treat is the time we spend together, planning trips and adventures. Excited to travel together and excited to soon start adventures that we have yet to discover. I savour this moment. This moment where we are all together.


go canucks go

Last night, I was fortunate enough to attend Game 2 of the Canucks v. Blackhawks playoff series.  It was, simply, the best night ever.  Not only did I get to spend the night cheering on my team, I got to cheer them on with my bff.

I've been to many Canucks games before, but this was the first playoff game that I've ever attended.  The hockey was more intense, the fans were louder, and the air had an amazing sense of hope that this would be the year that our team finally brought the cup of Lord Stanley to Vancouver.


baby list

Here I am, again, talking about babies.  Seriously.  Don't leave though, it's different this time.  I promise.

In my crazy baby-filled head I decided that I need to stop living in the future.  I need to enjoy the life that Hubby and I have right now, just the two of us.  Yes, I can't wait until the day where our two becomes three, however, it will change our lives drastically.  So, why not enjoy NOW all the things that won't be so easy to do when we have kids?  Yes, why not!


wonderful wedding moment number seven

The Church Exit.

I have such a special place in my heart for the church that we got married at.  It's such a beautiful church that I couldn't imagine getting married anywhere else; and I feel very lucky to have gotten married there.


just a moment

The bell on the door jingles as we walk in; as soon as we cross over the threshold, the restaurant owner recognizes us and greets us with a welcome table.  Jackets off, we slip into our seats.  We sit across from one another, tearing bread and dipping into fresh hummus.  We talk of our days, our future, and sometimes we sit in a warm, comfortable silence.  We smile at each other, happy in the moment, just us two.


making the connection

If you haven't noticed, I've had two things on the brain lately: Germany and babies.  I feel like you're sick of reading about my excitement for my upcoming trip and my thoughts about my future children.  Sorry, but I can't stop - it's what's on my mind!

For our trip to Europe next year, I've been doing all sorts of research.  I've created itineraries, budgets, tables, and spreadsheets galore.  You name it, I've got it.  I've bought more travel books than I'll ever need, yet, I still go to Chapters on my lunch hour and search through all the ones I haven't bought yet.  I've got Europe fever, can you tell?