my great gf

In the past number of months, I've been thinking about all the relationships in my life;  relationships with my parents, brother, Hubby, family, and friends.  It always seems funny to me how my circle of friends seems to always be changing and evolving.  I do, however, think that most people have this one friend in your life that they know will be there with you till the end of time.  For me, this is my friend, Jenni!

She's not family, but I know that many, many years from now I'll still be able to call her up for a coffee date.  She is undoubtedly one of the best people that I have ever met in my life.  Ever.  Seriously, she's awesome! 

She has stood beside me though every single moment since we met in Grade 8.  In highschool there would be times when we would drift apart a little bit, and in adulthood we've had our share of hard times together, but I'll always know that, no matter what, things will always work out between us.  If it wasn't for her, my wedding wouldn't be half the day that it turned out to be, she helped me sooooo much and I hope to one day return the favour.  I don't get to see her as often as I would like (darn school and work always seem to get in the way), but when we do get together, it's always good times.

at my stagette, oh what a night!

I love this girl so much.  She is one of the sweetest, funniest, and most honest people that I've ever met;  I could search the world, but I don't think I'd ever find somebody just like her in a million years.  I love you, Jenni!  Don't ever stop being you <3

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Lindsay said...

Soo sweet! She's lucky to have a friend like you!!