movies that moved me

Hubby and I have been to the movie theatre twice this year, and we're only five days in!  I couldn't eat anymore popcorn if I wanted to.  The two movies that we watched were The King's Speech and Black Swan.  VERY different movies, yet both were really well done.

The King's Speech was such a good movie that I'm still thinking about it many days afterwards.  I saw this movie advertised last month and it really interested me, and when our friends saw it (and raved about it) we knew that we needed to see it.  We had high hopes, and we were not disappointed at all.  It was one of those movies where time flew by; it honestly felt like we were in the theatre for 5 minutes.  Colin Firth as King George VI was AMAZING, I would be extremely surprised if he didn't get an Oscar nomination for his performance.  Go and see this movie, now!

Black Swan was different, to say the least.  If you watch the trailer, you'll get a good understanding of the tone of the movie.  I know that this movie won't be for everyone, but both Hubby and I found it, for lack of a better word, entertaining.  It was creepy and dark, but Natalie Portman's performance was awesome, and there was so much symbolism that we were completely engrossed in the film and discussing it the whole car ride home.  That's what, to me, makes a movie worth the admission price.  Yes, I could see a mind-numbing romantic comedy, and I would enjoy it, but it wouldn't spark the conversations that a movie like this would.

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