wonderful wedding moment number ten

Lately, it seems like everybody that I know (around my age, that is) is newly engaged, married, or having a baby.  This is the "fun" stage of life, the stage where all the big events happen; seriously, there are few events in our lives that top (for some people) getting married and having a baby.  Being surrounded by all these nuptials has made me reflect more and more on my own wedding day.  Thus far, it was the best day of my life. Ever.

Since I've been reflecting so much, I wanted to share my thoughts and memories with you!  To make it fun, each month, from now until our second wedding anniversary in September, I will be counting down my ten most cherished moments of my wedding day.

So, without further ado, I bring you number ten:  The Preparation

I loved getting ready for my wedding.  Being surrounded by my Mom, Dad, and closest girlfriends as I got ready for one of the biggest days of my life made me feel so loved.  After not being able to sleep very well the night before, I thought I would be a hot mess the morning of the big day.  I wasn't.  I was just so relieved that my wedding day was finally here, and in a few hours I would be a Mrs. 

After hair and make-up appointments, Mom, the girls, and I went back to my apartment to get dressed.  After slipping into my dress, I remember looking at myself in the mirror and feeling like a bride;  feeling that this day was already speeding by too quickly.  That being said, I still couldn't wait to jump in the limo and head to the church to meet my Groom.  The limo couldn't go fast enough.  I was anxious, not nervous, and excited for what was about to happen.

We got to the church and I got so excited just knowing that I would walk into the church as a single girl, and walk out as a married woman!

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