dine out date night - reviews!

So during my little blogging break, Hubby and I participated in one of our most favourite events:  Dine Out Vancouver.  As previously mentioned, the plan was to try two restaurants which we've never been to before:  Salt Tasting Room and The Poor Italian.

All I have to say is "wow"!  These two places were EXCELLENT Dine Out choices.

My favourite of the two was definitely Salt.  Meat, cheese, and wine.  Seriously, what could be better?  The concept for this restaurant is really neat.  You pick three choices of meat and cheese and three condiments off a giant blackboard and they plate it nicely and bring it out to you; I also (obviously) chose to have a wine flight with my dinner, so I ended up with three small glasses of wine, each of which paired beautifully with my dinner.

Okay, I know what you're thinking, this doesn't look like a lot of food, and it's kinda pricey.  Yes, you're right; you don't get a lot, but the quality is AMAZING, and frankly, you don't really need more than this small portion.  We North Americans have our portion sizes all wrong;  trust me, this will be enough food for you.  Even Hubby was full afterwards, nuff said!

Hubby and I also LOVED the decor of Salt, very minimalist, yet it still felt warm and cozy

Hubby's favourite of the two was The Poor Italian.  What can I say?  He's a good old Italian boy and he loves classic Italian fare!  All of the food was excellent, including the pre-appetizer bread which we may or may not have eaten two baskets of (don't judge, you would have too - it was made in-house that day).  We will be coming back here for sure, although probably only for special occasions though, as it's a tad pricey.

All in all, both restaurants were great Dine Out choices and we can't wait to try even more restaurants next year!

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