travel recap - venice (day 3)

On our third day in Venice, we decided to take a trip out to the Island of Murano; the Island famous for its beautiful glass work.

We hopped on the vaperetto and sailed out to the nearby Island. Once we got off, we started exploring the hundreds of glass shops in search of some beautiful gifts to bring home to our family. We strolled though the streets, hand in hand, and admired the beautiful work. The vases, jewellery, and chandeliers were all too beautiful for words. I dream that we will have a Murano glass-chandelier in our home one day - but for now they're out of our price range.

We finally decided on some purchases to bring home and conversed with some of the local shop-owners. A necklace and bracelet for Grandma S, a bowl for our Parisian hosts, and a pair of earrings for me - little tokens of a city we hold so dear to our hearts.

After a leisurely lunch, we decided that we were ready to head back to the city. We hopped on the Vaperetto, dropped our purchases off a home and then headed back down to San Marco's Square for an afternoon stroll.

We took a break at a nearby park, closed our eyes and let us sun kiss our bare arms and legs, and listened to the sounds of the city.  Afterwards, we strolled back to our home through the labryinth of streets and canals, stopping for a gelato (or two) along the way.  We stumbled upon a beautiful church and couldn't help but take a pause admire the amazing architecture.

Tired from the sun and the walking (and maybe the gelato), we decided to take a quick nap to refresh ourselves.  When we awoke a while later, we decided to make the most of our last bit of time in this amazing city.  We got dressed and decided to start the night off with a drink at a local bar.  We ended up sitting there for a few rounds of drinks and talked with some of the other travellers sitting at the bar.  It was nice to have a conversation in English again, and to hear the travel stories of others, all while drinking some delicious bellinis.

After we drank (a lot), we decided that dinner was next.  So we went back to the same restaurant that we ate at the first evening (as it was so delicious) and ate another fantastic dinner.

Afterwards, I convinced Hubby that we should head down to San Marco's square to see what it was like under the stars and moonlight.  We hopped on the vaperetto and sat quietly beside each other, drinking in the sight of the lights on the grand canal.  

We arrive at San Marco's square and listened to the live orchestras playing at the different cafes.  We danced under the moonlight, listening to the beautiful music, and enjoyed the moment; a moment I will always cherish.  I want to re-live that exact moment for ever and ever.

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