welcome, november!

Ah, November, the month of American Thanksgiving, Christmas decorations in the shops, and the transition from fall to winter.  In our house, however, November means that things are a little different than our normal routine as during this month Hubby and I both participate in month-long challenges: I participate in NaBloMoPo, and Hubby participates in Movember

I'm really not happy that Hubby participating in Movember also means that he grows a (disgusting) moustache during the month, but I commend his involvement in the other parts of Movember such as fundraising and spreading awareness about prostate cancer.

last year's mo

Naturally, if you were to peek into our house on a typical November day, you'll see me furiously blogging and cursing myself for participating in NaBloPoMo (how do I so easily forget how hard it is to blog every day for an entire month??), and you'll see Hubby carefully inspecting his moustache in the mirror.  Sounds like fun, huh?

If you're interested in donating to Movember (no amount is too small), check out my Hubby's donation page here; his goal is to raise $500.00 this month.

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Lindsay said...

Yay - so glad to have a blogging buddy for this month!