follow friday - the dahl diaries

One of the best things about participating in NaBloPoMo is reading the blogs of all the others who are also participating.

I especially love reading Lindsay's blog: The Dahl Diaries, and I'm so happy that she's back and blogging again - I missed her.

I really love her "Sunday Social" posts (such a great idea) and she's also got some GREAT wine recommendations and book reviews that I keep meaning to try.  Not to mention she has introduced me to some pretty fantastic blogs that she follows (like Adventures in Paris).

The thing that I truly love about her blog though is the personal stuff - like what her dream job would be, or how she spent this past weekend - as it allows me to get a glimpse into her life. 

So, head on over to The Dahl Diaries and check her out!

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Lindsay said...

Aww thanks hun! Now I really have to keep up with the blogging :) And the feeling is definitely mutual - I love following your blog! :)