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Alright, let's be real for a second here: NaBloPoMo is harder than I thought it would be.  Posting every day for a month really didn't sound like it would be difficult at all, but sometimes it's really hard to find inspiration.  You know who doesn't seem like she has a hard time with NaBloPoMo?  Taren!

I love this blog so much.  Taren is great at sharing helpful tips (like how she prepares for Christmas), yummy recipies (mac & cheese cupcakes - OMG!), and her journey towards becoming a personal trainer (congrats!).

life of t!

Life of Taren is great for when you need a quick break at work.  Her posts are always light and cheerful; I feel like I always have a smile on my face when I read them.  I also like seeing what other newlyweds are up to - what different things they do for dates, yummy meals that she makes for her hubby - so that I can get inspiration for my own life!

Check out her blog, I just know you'll love it!


Jen said...

she's pretty kick ass in real life too :)

Taren said...

Omg, I just saw this now! Your so sweet! Some days are a lil harder lol, today I was grumpy! Thanks much, you made my day! :)

Ps thanks to you too, Jen. Your pretty awesome in real life too? ;-)

Taren said...

Not supposed to be a question mark lol