secret single behaviour

One of the small things in life that makes me really happy is being alone. Not that I'm not completely in love with Hubby, but if he's out of the house for the night or the weekend, there are certain things that I look forward to. You know what I'm talking about: Secret Single Behaviour.

What's Secret Single Behaviour, you ask? Well, clearly you haven't watched nearly enough Sex and the City. Secret Single Behaviour is the stuff that you only do while you're home by yourself.

Mine includes:

Staying in my PJs as late as possible. Sometimes, if I don't have to leave the house, I won't get changed at all. Gross, but true. I'll totally wash my face and brush my teeth though, after all, I'm not a total slob.

Mind-rotting television. Jersey Shore. Real Housewives. The trashier, the better.

Eating whatever I want, whenever I want. This usually includes foraging the cupboards for whatever mystery stuff is in there. Also, whipping up random meals to satisfy whatever cravings I'm having.  Guaranteed, I'll probably have popcorn at some point during the day.

Eyebrow plucking. Nail polishing.

nail polishing

Creating a dance-tactic iTunes playlist and playing it loudly while engaging in hardcore house cleaning and a wicked dance routine.

Naps. Yes, plural. With the cats.

Movies. Sappy/sad/romantic comedy ones. Ones that I've seen 100 times before, but can't get enough of. You know the ones.

Purging and organizing. Totally can't purge while Hubby is home. He's a pack rat.

bathroom drawer - all clean and organized

This weekend was a weekend that I had to myself.  After being busy and running around the past few weekends, I needed a weekend to myself.  A weekend to get our home in order, to scrub it from top to bottom. Make some more pie.  And, yes, indulge in some Secret Single Behaviour.  After two whole days alone in the house with the meow-meows I'm totally ready for Hubby to be home.  I can't wait.

saving our pennies...and everything else for Europe next year!


Jen said...

friggin love Jersey Shore. Our husbands are part-guido so it just makes sunse to watch it. .

Did you also spend hours upon hours on pinterest?

Amanda said...

Totally - watching JS is like doing research on Hubby's heritage, right?

Most definitely spent hours upon hours on Pinterest - you tell yourself that you're just gonna be on there for a minute and then you realize that you've been on for three hours :)