dreamin' of deutschland

Oh, 2012, you can't come quickly enough!

Last month Hubby and I decided that we would start saving for a trip to Germany.  Actually, we're hoping to visit 3 countries - France, Germany, and Italy - during our 3 week vacation.  We decided that before we take the next step and become parents (eek!), we feel the need to feed our travel bugs.  From the second that we started talking about it, my mind was all the way across the Atlantic, dreaming of places that I've wanted to visit ever since I can remember.

So, being the hyper-organized and easily excited person that I am, I quickly got to work creating an itinerary and budget for our trip.  Of course, since the trip is so far away, it's hard to plan out an exact itinerary, but I've roughed out one to give us an idea of how much we need to save in order for our dreams to become a reality.  We've got a year and a half to scrimp and save every extra penny - and I can't wait!!

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