dear 12 year-old me

Dear 12 year-old me,

Stop looking forward to the day when you'll finally be a grown up. Sure, being a grown up means that you can stay up as late as you want, that you can drive, and that you will be completely in control of your own life. However, when that time comes, you'll come to LOVE sleeping and going to bed early and you'll hardly ever get to drive your own car because you have to share it with your husband. Being grown up is overrated. Big time.  Just be a kid.

Love, 25 year-old you.

Dear 19 year-old me,

I know you think that you're grown up now. You're not. You've still got so much to learn. Don't sweat it though; just enjoy this time. Enjoy the fact that you're living off a deliciously disposable income, that you don't yet have a mortgage, and that your hangovers still only last a couple hours. You'll get married to the guy you're dating right now. Don't rush things with him. Take time to enjoy the beginnings of this relationship because you'll never get to experience this time together again. Soak up all the freedom that you have now because the older you get, the more responsibilities you'll gain. Responsibilities seem fun now (because they make you feel more "grown up"), but you'll soon learn that life is much simplier withouth them. Savour it.  Go out and party on weeknights, because that two-hour hangover thing will soon fade.

Love, 25 year-old you.

Dear 25 year-old me,

Stop worrying so much about your future. Sure, starting a family is fun, exciting, and unarguably one of most amazing things that will ever happen in your life. However, it also comes with one hundred times more responsibility and other not-so-fun stuff like less sleep and more expenses. Take the time to focus on how utterly amazing your life is right now, without looking ahead. Soak up the fact that you're able to go out with friends and behave like your 25 year-old self; that you're able spend your hard-earned money on clothes and not feel one tiny bit guilty about the fact that that money should have gone into an RESP for your tiny human's future education. Take this time and focus on YOU. Party, travel, and enjoy the best years of your life. You won't regret having kids, but you will regret not taking full advantage of your life before kids.

Love, 30 year-old you.

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