wonderful wedding moment number five

The Friends.

Our wedding wouldn't have been the day that it was without them.  From all the love and support that the gave us throughout the planning, to all the joy that they shared with us on the big day, our friends were a huge part our our wedding day.

We felt so much love from our friends; love that shone through in the smiles on their faces as the pictures were being taken and the laugher in the speeches.  When we were surprised with a honeymoon from our friends the day after our wedding, we couldn't believe that these people had done so much to make our wedding so special AND they all got together and put together a wonderful honeymoon for us as well.  We couldn't ask for better friends.

We can't forget all of our other friends, who weren't in the wedding party, who are so near and dear to us.  Thank you for cheering as we left the church, for dancing and singing with us and our families, and thank you for continuing to be such wonderful people in our lives.  We're so happy that we could share our special day with all of you.

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PPS:  All images by Andrea Grendus @ fotografie

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