september travel

September is, by far, my favourite month out of the year. I guess it's no coincidence that we got married in September, and that we usually like to take most of our vacations during this fabulous month. Now, I know that once we have kids September vacationing will be a distant memory. I'm pretty sure that our kids' teachers would hate us if we took our children out of school for two weeks while we went travelling around the world. Yep, so not gonna happen. So, we're enjoying our children-less years and soaking up all the last days of summer by taking some much-awaited (and much-deserved) vacation time. Hubby and I are working today and tomorrow then we're getting the heck outta here. Our destination (or should I say, destinations)? Camrose, Alberta and Seattle, Washington.

First, we're driving to Camrose to watch two of our good friends, and very lovely people, commit their lives and love to each other. We're so excited that we can hardly wait until the big day. Yes, we're going to be driving 1,253 kilometers (over 778 miles, for my American friends) and over 14 hours each way, but I can't imagine a better reason for all the driving. Not to mention, we'll be driving with two of our good friends which is going to be a blast! ROAD TRIP!

i'm excited to go, but i know we're gonna miss these two little suckers

After we get back from Camrose, we have three days at home to recover (plus meet with the bank (yay!) and go to the dentist (ugh!)) and then we're heading down to Seattle to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. We had been talking about celebrating in Seattle for a while, but between saving for the Camrose trip and Germany next year, it didn't look like it was going to happen. Then, last week Hubby sent me an email at work saying that he booked us a hotel in Seattle for two nights. Best. Husband. Ever. Looking so forward to shopping, eating, and just spending three whole days with my best friend and love of my life.

Only 42 hours until we hit the road, but who's counting?

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