savour the date

I'm so excited for tonight; not only is today Friday, but it's also date night!

I often forget the importance of scheduling a date night with Hubby every so often.  I honestly think that the last time we went out, just the two of us, was for our anniversary in September.  How sad is that?

So, when Hubby suggested that we go out tonight I thought it was an absolutely wonderful idea!  Our date nights are nothing fancy by any stretch of the imagination (usually we just go out for dinner and then see a movie), but they are perfect.  They fit nicely within our budget, yet they always bring us so much joy.  All week we've both been looking so forward to spending time together tonight.

Hubby and I at J&J's wedding

The million-dollar question is:  Why do we wait so long in between date nights?  These special nights make us feel so happy and connected that we should really be doing them more often, yet, we don't.  Or, is it the fact that they are so rare that makes them special?  Who knows, but in any event, tonight is going to be awesome!

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