nothin' says Christmas like steel drums

I'm back!! Feeling better and ready for Christmas!

With our first snowfall of this year this past weekend, I organized all my Christmas music and transferred it onto my iPod.  My commute is now filled with the sounds of the season; it really makes going to work that much more fun!

I have to say though, I'm pretty picky when it comes to Christmas music.  I know what I like, and certain songs or types of Christmas music just don't do it for me.  I love the classics; it's so comforting to hear Dean Marin tell his Baby it's cold outside, or Frank Sinatra wishing everyone to have a merry little Christmas.  Yes, the classics are wonderful, however, I also like songs or albums that incorporate a fun twist on the classics, I love the album called Christmas Remixed - it's so awesome!

you know all those trendy remixed carols on the Joe Fresh commercials?  you'll find them in this album!

The ultimate Christmas album for me?  Definitely Chiristmas with Boney M.  The songs on this album instantly transport me back to Christmas as a kid; somethin' about the steel drums mixed in with the Christmas carols makes me feel like I'm 10 again.  Another reason why I like this album is becuase it contains what I believe to be the greatest Chrstmas song ever written:  Mary's Boy Child/Oh My Lord.  If you've never experienced this song, I urge you to listen to it this season.  If nothing else, this song will make you want to jump up and dance; yes, it's that awesome. 

best. chrstmas. album. ever.

My family and friends also share my love for this song.  It's become a recent tradition among our group of friends to get together during the holidays, cook a turkey, drink martinis, and sing and dance to this song.  No lies, the song probably gets played AT LEAST twenty times during the night.  It's epic.

I love Christmas!

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