the gift of love

A little over a year ago, I received one of the best gifts from a bunch of my wonderful girl friends!  It's a book called 101 Nights of Grrreat Romance.  This isn't a regular book, but an ACTIVITY book, and it's awesome!  The book is filled with perforated pages (that you and your significant other take turns opening up) which contain instructions for some romantic surprise that you have to do for the other person.  The whole idea is that you don't let the other person know when you have opened one of the pages, and they get an unexpected surprise!

I love, love, love doing the "tasks" in this book; it makes me feel so awesome to do something so romantic and thoughtful for Hubby, and it's not bad being on the receiving end of the tasks either!

I wanted to share one of the surprises that I did for Hubby, as I thought this was so simple, yet brought so much love and happiness to both of us.  After opening the page called "The Write Moment", I was instructed to write and send to Hubby a list of reasons why I love him.  So, I got writing.  There were little things (I love you because you kill spiders) and big things (I love that you love my family and consider them your own), but all were reasons why I love him so, so much.  After I finished, I emailed the list to him at work, hoping that it would brighten up his day.  Well, he LOVED it, and I loved writing it; actually sitting down and writing out exactly why I love him was an amazing feeling.

true love

I really encourage you to do this for your significant other; it doesn't have to be long, but you'll soon find that once you start writing, it's hard to stop.  Even if your list only contains five reasons, that special person in your life will be so happy to receive such a romantic and meaningful gesture, especially if it's unexpected!

PS:  Hubby was so inspired by my list, he also wrote out a list for me - it still makes me cry when I read it :)

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