a festivus weekend

This past weekend was filled with so much festive excitement that I can't believe it's Monday already.  The first festive activity was my firm's annual Holiday Christmas Party.  I love these parties, they are always a lot of fun, however, this year was extra-special because one of my co-workers let Hubby and I spend the night in the hotel room that she rented.  It was a BEAUTIFUL room with the most spectacular view that I've ever seen.  I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Friday night.

this picutre just doesn't do the view justice

Satruday, my Mom and I did some cross-border Christmas shopping.  I managed to spend all of my Christmas bonus, but I finished ALL of my Christmas shopping.  Man, that feels good.  It was a long day, but it was so nice to spend the entire day shopping with my Mom.

we couldn't resist trying the eggnog truffle.  it was as delicious as it sounds

Sunday, the festive weekend continued, as Hubby, his parents, and I went to the Santa Clause Parade.  I love going to this parade, and I'm so glad that it's an annual tradition with Hubby and his family.  We got all bundled up, grabbed some festive drinks from Starbucks, and watched the floats, bands, and Santa Clause himself, march through the streets of Vancouver.  I love watching how excited all the little kids get at the sight of Santa, it makes me really excited to have kids; really, really excited.

We've also finished putting up all of our Christmas decorations; written, addressed, and sent all of our Christmas cards; and planned all the festive activities that we want to attend.  I love getting all the "stuff" (decorating, cards, shopping)  done early so that Hubby and I can relax and enjoy the holiday season.

Ho Ho Ho!

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